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A press conference has been announced by Orlando, Florida Mayor Buddy Dyer. The press conference will be held on the Orlando City Hall steps on Monday, February 9, 2004 at 9:30AM. It is expected that Mayor Dyer and OPD Chief Mike McCoy will announce the adoption of a revised police pursuit policy. The revised policy is the result of a Community Panel appointed by Mayor Dyer and chaired by Dr. Stanley Stone, of Valencia Community College, in September 2003. Also in attendance will be the Chairman and members of the Community Panel as well as several Police Chiefs from other Central Florida agencies.

The Community Panel was made of a diverse group of community leaders, citizens, and police officers. After months of debate, research, and discussion the panel has revised and updated the OPD Policy, a policy that was already one of the most progressive policies in the nation, to a policy that I believe will be the model for the rest of the nation. I am confident that this policy and its implementation will come to be recognized as an extremely important step in the evolution of smarter and safer police pursuit policy in the United States.

I will post the new policy and other related materials here when they become public information.

It has been an honor to serve on the panel and I wish to thank the Mayor, Chief McCoy and Chairman Stone for the opportunity. 

James Phillips

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