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42-year-old David Kruljac of Melbourne died after crashing head-on with a tractor trailer on I-95
Friday morning. Kruljac, who neighbors described as acting strangely lately, was being sought by Melbourne, Florida police after setting fire to the carport of a house he lived in, and then being in an altercation with his boss. He was chased onto northbound I-95 where police followed him at normal speeds, he was not fleeing-he just would not stop. Rather than following behind, and waiting for the situation to defuse,  Melbourne police decided to force events and deployed stop sticks. Kruljac hit the stop sticks, all four tires deflated and he crossed over to the southbound lanes, drove on the shoulder for a while and then swerved and impacted the tractor trailer head-on. He was ejected from his vehicle and ran over by one of the pursuing police, dying at the scene. Many people will say that Kruljac got exactly what he deserved-the police were doing their job-end of case. I wonder what everyone would say if Kruljac had impacted a minivan, traveling 60 mph with a family coming home from vacation. Why were the Melbourne police in such a hurry?

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