Meeting with Orange County Sheriff Kevin Beary 5/28/03            BACK

On Wednesday afternoon my lawyer, Eric Ludwig, and I met with Orange County Sheriff Kevin Beary, Chief Steve Jones and Director Dan Ford. What I had anticipated as a one-half hour meeting stretched to over two hours. The topic of the discussion was, of course, Orange County pursuit policy. I was favorably impressed with the receptive attitude of the Sheriff. He listened attentively to what we had to say and when a good point was made he was quick to agree. Things got a little tense at times, but the conversations remained constructive. Eric and I left the Sheriff's office with his promise to review the suggestions made and to meet again soon. I think that everyone there believed that the Orange County policy could be improved, and I think everyone is committed to making it happen. My impression of the Sheriff? He has a hard time sitting still. When the conversation stalls on one subject for too long, he leans way back in his chair and rocks back and forth quickly. When the conversation moves on he sits up sharply, or jumps up to draw a diagram on the chalkboard. He is decisive and delegates easily. His passion for his job is evident. I believe that I like him.

James Phillips 5/30/03


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