This is a poem sent to PursuitWatch by Kimmy's aunt   appeared on PursuitWatch 6/30/03             Back
A poem from Kimmy


How can I help you to say Goodbye
Is it okay for me to hurt, is it okay for me to cry
In my heart I wish you didn't have to die
How can I help you to say Goodbye

It made no sense, it was a crime
It wasn't supposed to be your time
He ran from the cops and crashed into you
It happened so fast, there was nothing you could do

We held your hand and kissed your cheek and watched you fight to heal
Standing there beside you, the whole time felt unreal
Why do we have to live with grief each and every day
It has torn us apart and taken you away

You as a nurse were always kind and caring
In the end you wanted to go on sharing
To give the gift of life so others might live
In your heart you wanted to help, you wanted to give

You always had that special touch
We loved you so very, very much
Within our hears you will always stay
To us you are never very far away

We want to follow in your footsteps every day
We want to be like you in every way
We miss you so badly and try not to cry
We're so sad you had to die and NEVER GOT TO SAY GOODBYE

Kim, Age 13

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