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Police release pursuit tape  (9-18-03)

Court airing of tape won't end open-records effort  (9-17-03)
County refuses records request  (9-13-03)
Journal-World files lawsuit against city, police for pursuit records  (9-12-03)
Commissioners split on releasing records (9-10-03)
Police refuse to hand over chase records (9-9-03)

 Officer-turned-attorney asks for police pursuit changes (9-3-03)
 Chase leads to policy review (9-7-03)
 Police cleared in chase probe (8-30-03)
 6News video: Police cleared in chase investigation (8-30-03)
 Witness says driver was 'going to kill somebody' (8-30-03)
Wildgen: Review shows police not at fault in fatal collision (8-29-03)
 City to review fatal police chase (8-29-03)
 6News video: Cho charged with second-degree murder (8-29-03)
 Police: Pursuit warranted (8-28-03)
 6News video: Police say pursuit followed policies (8-28-03)
 Death is second of summer for victim's family (8-28-03)

Lawrence Police Department pursuit policy

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