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After more that 3 months of bi-weekly meetings the Mayor's Review Committee on Pursuit Policy has substantially completed it's work. The committee, chaired by Dr. Stanley Stone of Valencia Community College, has completed a draft policy that greatly simplifies, tightens and clarifies the old OPD policy. The draft policy is the work of Dr. Stone, OPD Captain Paul Rooney, OPD Officer Shawn Dunlap (FOP Representative) and a group of community leaders and represents a consensus view of community concerns. Through interaction with OPD, study of other policies, a presentation by Dr. Geoffrey Alpert, and discussions (sometimes spirited) at meetings they have arrived at what they believe is a "world class" pursuit policy-a policy that allows OPD to do their job effectively and safely.

A meeting took place earlier this week between Dr. Stone, OPD and the Mayor, where Dr. Stone presented the policy proposal. I have no knowledge of what occurred at that meeting and I can only hope that the proposal was approved. I will present the policy here as soon as I am able. If any "tweaking" was done to the policy that undermines the position of the committee I will report it here, as well.

James Phillips



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