Orlando Florida Police Department Pursuit Policy review is underway
The second meeting of the Mayor's Community Panel on Police Pursuits took place on Monday, September 22, 2003. The panel, chaired by Dr. Stanley Stone of Valencia Community College, will examine Orlando Police Department's policy, training, implementation and tracking and recommend improvements to Chief McCoy and Mayor Dyer. The committee is made up of 15 civilians and two representatives of OPD. The committee is in the process of gathering information and laying the groundwork for it's review which is expected to take about 90 days. I would like to thank the Mayor and Dr. Stone for inviting me to serve on the committee.  Jim Phillips 9/23/03

The third meeting of the Mayor's Panel was held on Monday, October 6th. The panel began a line by line review of the policy. The debate was spirited and the views diverse.  The next meeting is scheduled for October 20, 2003.     Jim Phillips 10/10/03

After several more meetings of the Orlando panel the policy recommendations are beginning to take shape. The panel is preparing for the visit of Dr. Geoffrey Alpert, nationally recognized pursuit expert, on December 1st.    Jim Phillips 11/23/03

Dr. Alpert's visit to the Orlando Citizen panel was a great success. His expertise and experience will be a great asset to the panel as we complete our work. The committee continues to make progress in their work and are confident of a policy that can be held up as a model policy for the whole of the U. S.  Jim Phillips  12/05/03

hot.gif (311 bytes)The committee completed its initial "run through" of the Orlando PD policy. After many hours of discussion the major obstacles have been removed from a committee consensus and our chairman is confident that we will finish our work in January. It appears that way to me as well, and I believe that the policy we will recommend will be the most enlightened and safest in the entire nation.   Jim Phillips 12/20/03

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