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PursuitWatch maintains this media page as a resource for reporters or researchers. Included are useful quotes, websites, and contact information from a diverse group of individuals dedicated to a common cause: safer and smarter police pursuits. We welcome your inquiries.


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Members of PursuitWatch and PursuitSAFETY accept speaking engagements in their local areas. Many are willing to travel outside their local areas as long as they are reimbursed for their expenses. You may contact the speakers or you may contact Candy Priano and she will be happy to answer your questions and put you in touch with with an appropriate speaker.      
  Email  candy.priano@pursuitsafety.org  Phone 530-343-9754  

Click on the speaker's names for more information:

Dr. Geoffrey Alpert  University of South Carolina
Ret. Captain Thomas "Tom" Gleason
  Florida Department of Law Enforcement

Candy Priano  PursuitSAFETY.org and Kristieslaw.org (California)
Capt. Travis Yates  Tulsa Police Department (Oklahoma)

Dr. Geoffrey Alpert  University of South Carolina
Dr. Geoffrey Alpert is a Professor of Criminal Justice at the University of South Carolina. He received his Ph.D. in Sociology from Washington State University in 1975. Since that time he has concentrated his research and training on high-risk police activities including use of force, deadly force, and pursuit driving. He is an internationally acknowledged expert in these fields, and is quoted and sited in countless newspapers and periodicals. He is the principal researcher of many studies including Police Pursuit: Policies and Training and Helicopters in Pursuit Operations, written for the National Institute of Justice. He is currently conducting a study on racial profiling, and continues to assist police departments by writing and evaluating policies, training and accountability systems.
Email  geoffa@mailbox.sc.edu                      Web DeadlyForce                TOP

Ret. Capt. Thomas “Tom” Gleason   Law Enforcement Officer Trainer (Florida)

Ret. Capt. Thomas "Tom" Gleason is a veteran speaker. Audiences always applaud him for his passion for law enforcement training. Tom's passion led him to the position of coordinator of the Law Enforcement Academy for the Florida Public Safety Institute from 2006 to 2009. He now instructs for Florida Public Safety Institute, North Florida Community College, and Alert International. He teaches in the areas of human diversity, patrol procedures, first aid, firearms, police pursuit policies, diversity in education, introduction to education, and handling the mentally ill. He served 30 years in city, county, and state law enforcement.

In 2009, Tom accepted a position as captain in charge of training and acquisitions with the Florida Department of Financial Services. He became responsible for developing and overseeing training for the 150 detectives working throughout the state of Florida who investigate insurance fraud. During his tenure, he oversaw the transition from Sig. Sauer 9 MM to Glock .40 caliber. Tom holds a master’s degree in education and a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. He has published two articles dealing with police training and domestic violence. In 2000, he was chosen as part of a team to teach the course “Dynamics of Domestic Violence” to Moldavian police officers and volunteers. Ret. Captain Gleason began serving on PursuitSAFETY's advisory board April 2012. Tom's son Brian was killed in the line of duty as a Military Police Officer when the patrol car he was a passenger in ran off the road and hit a curve.

Tom states: "When my son was killed, I made a commitment to do what I could to see if I could keep any other parent from hearing the same horrible news." Tom speaks to officers about Brian's death.

Phone 850-251-9983    Email thomasgleason@comcast.net    Web Tom Gleason

Candy Priano   PursuitSAFETY.org   (California)

 On January 22, 2002, as Candy Priano sat in a California hospital, the people responsible for the Chico police pursuit were all going home to their families: the police and the three girls in the fleeing car, even the driver, an unlicensed 15-year-old girl who had taken her mother’s car without permission. She went home with her mother! The Priano family, all innocent victims of this unnecessary pursuit, spent seven days at the hospital praying for a miracle; a miracle that their own 15-year-old daughter, Kristie, would live and be okay. But that was not to be. Beautiful Kristie died. Mark Priano, Kristie's dad, later recovered from his serious physical injuries, as did Kristie's brother Steve, and Candy, Kristie's mom. Physical injuries have long since dissipated, but the emotional toll, the senseless death of a loving daughter, devoted sister, honor student, athlete and community volunteer will be with the Priano family forever.

Seven months after Kristie was killed, the Prianos, with the help of Victims of Police Pursuits, a group no longer in existence, started to learn all they could about California's pursuit laws. California State Senator Sam Aanestad carried Kristie's Bill with the hope that this measure would become law in 2004, the year Kristie Priano would have graduated from high school. But that was not to be either. Candy still sees the day when Kristie's Law will become a California state law and save the lives of innocent bystanders and officers.

Today, Candy is doing something she never dreamed of -- giving a presentation called "The Other Side of the Windshield." She has learned about the good and bad of police pursuits and is still searching for the "Why?" Why is this dangerous police tactic so widely accepted as keeping the public safe?

Candy's presentation, to increase public awareness of the dangers of police pursuits, has been well received and given to officers at their academies and at international law enforcement conferences, in the educational arena at the university level, and to civic/community groups. Law enforcement departments use Candy’s video and PursuitSAFETY’s public service announcements in their training classes. Candy is the founder and executive director of Voices Insisting on PursuitSAFETY. Learn more about Candy's work with families impacted by vehicular police pursuits and her unending endeavor to prevent the tragedy of pursuit from happening to others.

Phone 530-343-9754        Email candy.priano@pursuitsafety.org      
PursuitSAFETY.org and KristiesLaw. org                 TOP


Capt. Travis Yates   Tulsa Police Department   (Oklahoma)
Capt. Travis Yates began his law enforcement career in 1993 with the Tulsa Police Department. He became a certified law enforcement driving instructor in 1997 and was promoted to the rank of Corporal in 1998. He obtained a Master of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from Northeastern State University the same year. After a serving a year as a Gang Task Force Supervisor, Travis was promoted to the rank of Sergeant in 1999. With a keen interest in training issues, Capt. Yates became involved in teaching courses at the training center and the Field Training Program, training new supervisors. In addition, he worked at Rogers State University as an Adjunct Criminal Justice Professor. In 2000, Capt. Yates was placed on a safe driving committee based on his training efforts in the field of law enforcement driver training. Travis' efforts were tremendous. He built new curriculum and driving courses, while implementing training days for current instructors. Through his mandatory curriculum in 2001, at-fault collisions for officers were reduced by 18%. He was awarded a Chief's Medal in 2003 for his efforts. In 2002, Capt. Yates implemented an innovative program called the "Safety Check Ride". This program placed driving instructors with Police Officers during the course of their duty in an effort to evaluate their driving habits. In addition, Travis has built curriculum for elective in-service training and was responsible for one of the first live scenario based curriculums to be placed in an academy driver training setting. In 2002, Capt. Yates completed a comprehensive instructor manual for each Tulsa Police Law Enforcement Driving Instructor. Through his efforts, he is ensuring that the gains of the past will not be abandoned in the future. The curriculum, training manual and course diagrams caught the attention of several other police departments around the United States. In 2003, Travis set up a web site in an effort to share his information with other instructors. Today,www.policedriving.com receives thousands of unique visits each month and has assisted countless police departments around the World. Travis continues his efforts in the field of driver training and safety. He is pursuing stricter penalties for eluding suspects in Oklahoma and teaches in a Nationally Recognized Instructor School. Travis was promoted to Captain in early 2004, In addition to his duties as a shift commander he continues to administer his department's driver training unit as a team leader. Capt.Yates is responsible for curriculum building, department policies and several administrative duties within the unit. Travis remains a national advocate for safer pursuits, sound policy and mandatory training.
Email policedriving@yahoo.com     Web Police Driving       TOP

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